A glimpse into the future of learning.

Just a decade ago, humans could only dream of a world run by integrated operating systems, decentralized applications[C1] and all sorts of smart technology. Schools lived as the geographical centers for learning, teachers held their place as the capital of knowledge and verbal explanations were the only channel to impart wisdom.

Fast forward to the present day, humanity is already hopelessly captivated by the beauty of smart technology and the infinite possibilities it brings us. The internet of things is quickly transitioning to the internet of everything and amidst the array of automated technologies, lie the cream of the crop: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What is Artificial Intelligence?

By definition, it refers to the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally required by human intelligence.[C2] In the context of learning, artificial intelligence is the cornerstone to constructing a self-sufficient teacher, one that can study alongside you 24 hours a day, needs no breaks, gives you access to all the knowledge in the internet universe, and holds the ability to monitor your learning curve and have that bounce back in the form of customized guidance. In essence, artificial intelligence arrives as the smarter, sleeker and more attentive sibling of traditional teachers.

Artificial intelligence served on a blockchain platter.

Amidst the throng of kick starters is a promising new kid on the block: Õpet. Through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Õpet strives to make students smarter, faster and better during their journey as a high school student. The learning platform seeks to deliver continuous sophisticated conversations targeted at maximizing the learning potential of engaged students and through this, also doubling the rewards by simultaneously collecting something more valuable than gold: user data (of course, with full disclosure by Õpet and with complete permission from the users). Over the long run, data related to user interests, preferences, academic progress, records of extra-curricular activities, testimonies and everything else related to the entire academic lifespan of a student would be recorded accurately and securely on Õpet’s blockchain — a cutting-edge Hyperledger-Ethereum distributed ledger.

A classroom that revolves around you.

Currently targeted at primarily GCSE O-Level (Grade 9–10) and A-Level (Grade 11–12) students, the Õpet platform is expected to expand beyond that and into different jurisdiction to help the Õpet algorithm learn more national curriculums. It’s Singaporean pedigree to introduce a unique “brand” of educational revision style is heavily substantiated by Singapore’s consistently strong performance on the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) Scores; an assuring step to begin with.

Students on the Õpet platform will benefit from a personalized tutor powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, one that understands their learning patterns and paces their learning in the most optimal speed possible in addition to its exceptional ability to thrust out customized courses with no questions asked. Õpet takes learning to a whole new level through the incorporation of powerful recommendation algorithms on the platform, pulling out carefully selected educational content from prominent media platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and Spotify and presenting it to the users in the timeliest manner.

An in-house tutor or an in-house teacher. Take your pick.

In the last 30 years, the average cost of education has risen by a daunting 538%. Even with this massive increase in tuition rates, many kids are still not receiving adequate attention to optimize their learning. Attention is thinly spread, and cost of after-school enrichment is monstrous to say the least. Õpet is created with this in mind. By offering an AI-run tutor that is as intuitive as it is intelligent, children can have access to the additional support they need to optimize in-school learning without having to worry about the cost and convenience.

The assistance Õpet can offer doesn’t stop there. [C3] Given the convenience of a personalized learning platform that also comes with a tutor that is present 24/7, children no longer have to worry about missing school. The Õpet foundation is especially concerned about low-income students who were refused the opportunity to go to school because of their financial limitations. With this self-sufficient intelligent learning platform, children will be connected to a more affordable, accessible and pro-active way of learning.

In a nutshell.

With the incorporation of artificial intelligence, education can find new meaning in sustainable, self-paced learning. The world is evolving at the fastest pace, now more than ever, and we too can make a difference in our lives one smart decision at a time.

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