iCasting, a new age of connecting clients and talents

With great excitement we reveal our first step to a great future in talent casting with the iCasting platform and the Talent Token. For a few months we have been working tirelessly on this project, hiring professionals, planning the process, designing the product, developing the platform and meeting with experts.

Our team, in collaboration with a board of advisors, is in the process of disrupting the traditional casting market around the world. The concept has proven itself in the pilot market the Netherlands. Now, with the use of the Talent Token, we combine the powers of our platform and blockchain technology to provide for talents globally. Soon we’ll be expanding to the United States, with more countries to follow.

The platform is a unique matching system, giving our clients and talents the amount of control they deserve. Without the interference of a casting agent we can fulfill jobs a lot quicker and cheaper than traditional agencies. By connecting clients directly to suitable talents we cut out the middle man and place the decision making in their hands. Blockchain technology will aid us in this by making the platform self-sustainable.

Want to know how? Check in later for more info about the project and our whitepaper.


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