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The World's First Cloud Design Platform

If you are involved in service development or management, this is what you have been waiting for. We will be providing special knowledge in order to raise to a higher level the ability of planners and engineering teams to make dreams a reality. This special knowledge — the final linchpin in service development — is cloud design, which will revolutionize the process of IT infrastructure construction. The world of software development, which constitutes 50% of service-development processes, has been innovated by super-tools like GitHub, a service with 28 million users. Now, we are about to transform the remaining 50% with cloud design.

ICO start and end dates 12/20/2018 – 03/31/2019
Token Type ERC20
Token price
0.001 eth
Accepted currency ETH
KYC (y/n) Yes
Token name RDT
Total Tokens  800000000
Soft Cap 4,000 eth
Hard Cap 200,000 eth
Shintaro Hara
Founder / CEO
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Yuki Ikeda
Co-Founder / Co-Representative Producer
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Toshihisa Nakamizu
Co-Founder / Project Manager
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Shogo Tsuruda
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Hidetoshi Nakano
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Creating a free and open case database on how to use cloud computing like AWS, Azure, GCP and so on. It is not just making the productivity of creators up to the moon but also helping everyone becomes a service creator and making the world more various and interesting.