Meet The Team: Jed Grant (CEO, KYC3)

KYC3 was awarded the Innovative Research and Development Programme Grant from Luxemburg’s Ministry of Economy shortly after its foundation. With such a huge success, we thought it would be interesting to introduce you to the person behind it all: Jed Grant. His extensive experience in the field of Cryptography and Peer-to-Peer systems has led to the creation of the KYC system that we all know today. Let’s hear it from the man himself.



1)      How did you get interested in this industry?


“I’ve been interested in decentralized technologies since the days of Napster, so Cryptocurrency felt natural for me to get interested in when it came across because I have been looking for ways to decentralize the exchange of value in a peer-to-peer system.”


2)      What are the highlights of your career?


“I used to work for NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in the 1990s, and I managed an IT section as a civilian officer there. And then I got involved in peer-to-peer systems and cryptography as a hobby. I worked for a couple of other companies as CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Founded a few companies since 2008, KYC3 being the latest one. Some of the highlights include: one of the top 200 FinTech experts in Europe last year and found a couple of nonprofits with some prestigious organizations like the Institute for Global Financial Integrity. Infrachain, which is a non-profit trust provider for Blockchain that I founded with the Luxembourg government, and the Luxembourg Blockchain & DLT Association that I founded with a number of prominent Blockchain experts from Luxemburg.”


3)      What motivates you to keep going?


“I’m building this technology because I believe that decentralization is the future, and it’s the way to overcome a lot of the problems that we see in society today. With corruption and issues of unfairness and distribution of wealth etc. So we need to keep going and building decentralized systems where the code is built into the system so you don’t need regulators as much as with our old systems: you don’t need police, you don’t need people to control it, because the code defines what you can and cannot control in the system. And that decentralized sovereign future is what motivates me.”


4)      What is the main message that you would like to address the public?


“My message for the public is that Cryptocurrency is going to change the world, decentralization is going to change society for the better and that needs to be built on the foundation of trust. Meaning that we need services like decentralized KYC, we need a good identity, decentralized self-sovereign identity. And with these tools, we’ll be able to build systems that don’t require the institutions of cronyism and centralization, but rather we will empower people to take control of their own lives and their own society. To mix and to produce and innovate on their own terms.”

“That’s what we are doing here, we’re building the foundation for a future of decentralized trust. And it’s the partnership between Peer Mountain and KYC3 that enables decentralized KYC.”

Jed Grant is a talented speaker, who has such a good understanding of complex subjects (such as tokens, blockchain, decentralization, privacy, and security) that he can explain them in a way that is understandable to a wider audience. Check out this talk Jed gave on the Future of Decentralized Identity at Unchain Hamburg:


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