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The modern-day search for a new job has turned into an unnecessarily stretched out affair full of disappointment, time and effort wastage, and false dawns – regardless of whether an individual is a working professional or an independent service provider (ISP).

Jobseekers share their resumes far and wide with the aim of securing a job easily, and in the process allow their personal information or data to fall into the wrong hands.

Nowadays, despite being well-qualified for a position and giving a solid interview, there is no guarantee that an honest and deserving candidate gets the job. It is now common practice among jobseekers to boost their chances of success through dirty means like artificially enhancing resumes, fake professional qualifications, and doctored certificates.

Thus, the $428 billion rated global hiring industry is afflicted by several illegal and inefficient practices. Fortunately, TrustLogics is the perfect technological disruptor to plug these holes and set it on the right course once again.

Introduction to TrustLogics

By leveraging the advantages provided by blockchain to verify professional data and secure personal information, TrustLogics began streamlining the inefficiencies of the recruitment process in 2017.

TrustLogics users enjoy the dual advantage of not only being able to verify their professional data once and for all, but they also have the option to share them across platforms. In this way, a user’s TrustLogics profile serves as a universally accepted professional portfolio which has been thoroughly attested by relevant certification bodies to ensure complete transparency and trust.

Why TrustLogics is Ideal to Lead This Revolution

  • Experienced Founding Team: Srinivas Dubba and Sujith Achuri, the founders of TrustLogics, have a combined cumulative experience of nearly 2 decades in staffing and recruitment, including the establishment of two medium sized staffing companies. They are ably supported by a multifaceted, diverse team distributed across U.S.A and India.
  • Hybrid Blockchain: TrustLogics has visualized a platform where millions of jobseekers and recruiters from around the world can go about fulfilling their objectives simultaneously. Hence, in order to overcome the traditional limitations of a blockchain, TrustLogics is pursuing a hybrid blockchain. Hyperledger (or private blockchain) for storing and retrieving data, and Ethereum (or public blockchain) for recording transactions.
  • Live Application: The TrustLogics platform went live in 2017 and currently boasts 100,000 active users right now.
  • Global Partnerships: AIESEC, the world’s biggest youth-run organization with offices in 127 countries, the Republic of Guinea and the Republic of Suriname have all signed partnership agreements with TrustLogics in order to pursue mutual objectives. As a result of the agreement with Guinea and Suriname, 13 million new users will soon be added to the platform. Additionally, partnerships with 17 more countries are in the pipeline.

Recruitment Inefficiencies

  • 23.8 days: The average time taken to hire an individual in the U.S.
  • 75%: Percentage of HR Managers in the U.S. who have reportedly caught a lie on a resume.
  • $4,129: Average cost-per-hire in 2016.
  • 30-40%: Percentage of excess money paid by Service Requestors for availing the services of ISPs through middlemen or service websites.

TrustLogics Offerings

  • Digital Attestation Protocol & Reputation Building System: Jobseekers (Professionals & ISPs) can employ the services of Certified Third-party Validators or request their Peers on the platform to verify and endorse various aspects of their background and professional details. They help in promoting trust and credibility, reduce the time and cost of hiring, and boost and individual’s visibility in the professional world.
  • Peer-to-Peer Hiring Model: Recruiters can avoid the expenses incurred by external recruitment agencies by harnessing the power and reach of an army of freelance recruiters to fill a job opening.
  • Digital Portfolios for ISPs: Service Requestors can begin to trust ISPs by analyzing the accumulated ratings and reviews on their shareable portfolios.

Whitelist for Pre Sale 1

As part of the pre-sale #1 structure, TrustLogics is rewarding participants with a 35% discount on TrustLogics Tokens (TLT). To avail, apply for Whitelisting.

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